Opinion: Why you shouldn’t stance a sports car

The Apex Hunter

I’d like to start with the disclaimer that I’m not one of those “I hate stance” guys. I can totally appreciate every aspect of the car enthusiast world, whether it be stanced cars, track style builds or full-blown race cars. It’s obvious that everyone has their own taste and differing goals, and that variety is what keeps the car scene interesting.

That being said, the destruction of purpose-built sports cars needs to stop.

It’s one thing to throw some low-offset 10 inch wide wheels on your Honda Civic and increase the camber to -10 degrees in the name of fitment and car show competition, but to destroy the suspension geometry of an Evo, STi, S2000, or any other well-built sports car is downright sacrilege. If you want to stance a car, buy something meant to go slow. If you want to race one, buy a sports car. That’s about as…

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