Live writer test post

This is just a quick test post on the blog to see if they Live writer program that is still lingering on this older Xp box, works for my blog.  If this works well, then it might be a nice little writer program that will be a tad faster to post up I think.  Other then that, I am trying to get motivated and accomplish something of substance other then just some SSA emails and orders.  But I really could benefit from a full day of recovery. 

Wanting to order a new GPU or two for this older trusty Dell.  I am trying to cheaply bring it up to speed, as someone from the SETI.USA forums is sending me an old stick of RAM to help out.

Maybe some car care and get cracking and find something to do tonight….

A quick weekend at the Gara farm, Warwick New York.

Ferdinand and I spent Friday night and Saturday, off the grid, in upstate NY playing a ton of Frisbee golf with the other godfathers of the Salisbury Ultimate Frisbee team. (Not like if I stayed home it would have been any different as the power went out Friday due to a major storm.) This weekend was a long over due decompression of the soul, away from the pressure, nastiness and endless demands of my normal life.  I run at the limit too much of the time, and I know it’s not good for my body or mind.

One of my best friends bought a 50+/- acre farm right across the street from the Warwick disc golf course. He has a course of his own on the property and lives extremely green, heck I got to feed the chickens and get veggies from the garden. I hope to get up there more in the near future.   The P5 was trusty as always (despite me missing a gear in Philadelphia traffic) and still got me over 30mpg with the A/c rolling the whole way up and back with a FULLY packed car, though it does not have the umph to get up the rolling hills with the a/c on, a full car going under 40mph in 5th, it did well in a nice road trip.

One thing I took away from the weekend was not something of just that when we get together, things are the same many years later, but realizing that what we did in those few short years in college and how many people it effected, is something really unique and very special.  I hope that I can once again, do something of that magnitude and purpose.  Here are a couple of photo’s I happened to snap.  

The Gara course in swealtering heat and very tall grass and such.

Ferdinand taking a break in the shade during golf.

Dorsey winding up for some crazy throw.

Chuck, Hippie Joe, Old Man Roberts, Mikey Carroll (BMC), Dorsey

Me, Ferdinand, Adam, Goat and Danny Clark

Bear in foreground


These are some of those few and far between moments that mean the world and you can keep with you for a life time.  Very grateful to Joe and Becca for having us up, and very grateful to hang out with my few friends in peace, who we changed the world (at least for 4 or 5 years).