Sitting here looking through the play room window….

….. the power of others decisions begin to set in.  Yes, ‘make the best of what time you have’, I have heard plenty of times. But when the reality of it is that much of that time is on the clock as in under a time crunch and soon to be even fewer and farther between, I can’t seem to create self rationalized satisfaction with less then reasonable.  Can someone who has always wanted, strived for or pushed towards something better in almost every facet of life, settle for even less time spent with their child and without choice be farther away? 

By this point, I should be nearly bullet proof right?  Maybe there is guidelines to becoming even more numb so pretty much all obstacles and setbacks have no effect.

On a different note, some part of me did not come home from that concert.  Not sure if the peaks and valleys were just farther compressed to a near monotone personality and demeanor. 

Hold that thought, cookie request.   

Ok cookie done, but time to enjoy the one hour I have left.

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