Newer Blog Theme

A very delayed entry that I left in drafts for a while (and a few blurbs from today’s random thoughts)


Not that anyone is going to notice or care, haha, but thought I would update my visual theme of my blog to something with a little more life and professionalism at the same time.  The prior theme was very different from most others I have seen, but it was kind of dark and the width was limited making less effective use of the page.  

As for other happenings, I wonder what it is like to live in a world of no rational thought or basic logic.  Sounds kind of nice to have such a carefree and hear what I want to hear perspective on life.   


In addition, I finally did something truly for myself in a while, I call it my 35th b-day present/divorce present for surviving that horrible period in my life and still having to deal with the steady pushing of my limits dealing with it.  On the bright side of it, I really look forward to getting it detailed up to where I like to have my cars at.  The RX-8 is my first pure and true to the bone, sports car.  There is so much to learn about this car, and I have the upgrade itch pretty bad, but first I need to pay off a few things before I go spending money on it.  I especially need to sell the ring, just need to get the nerve up to make myself do it so I can wipe out a big chunk of debt.  It really serves me no purpose to keep it as the person it was meant for did not care about what it really meant in the big picture.

Anyway, off to the gym for the day to keep pushing forward.


One thought on “Newer Blog Theme

  1. Rx8! How fun! Please let us know when you do or what you decide to get!

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