Wasted love we all regret

The message of the music is very important.  

Dreams are all but gone, but there is purpose and still some hope that remains.  What those are, well they are not worth focusing on at this time.

I am still not sure if I have processed the fact that my son is going to be in Kindergarten in a little over a month.   His new hair cut and social skills are evidence.  I have many hopes for him and I am not sure how I can protect him from the cloud pain I seem to have been living in for over 20 years.  It is one of the things that have kept me here.  That that how ever you want to, as I know no one reads this.  What needs to happen is I need to work my way towards having a more then one good day in a row.

I am thankful for the the ability to still go to the gym and play ultimate that keeps my mind off of things and helps me have outlets to release what it is that is eating me from the inside out.  Come on Amazon, please be the one that takes us over the hump…

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