Winter Music Conference and the tail light level

Seeing things like this really make me realize how much I miss going to dance clubs. The pure freedom and euphoria has been a forgotten experience. So I get the notion that I need to travel soon as I have been suffocated with most everything of this year.

Last thing I want is to be away from Arthur, but I wonder if a brief moment of no responsibility, quick jaunt away to somewhere that may brighten that inner light or strength might be worth it and possibly untie some of the emotional and physical knots that are dragging me down.

I did not travel to SEMA due to not being able to take off shortly after starting the job at TAI. And now CES is almost upon us and it would be awesome to go, and very beneficial for SSA if I was there to shake some hands and trade some business cards as I am still the man behind the curtain at SSA. But too close and too soon with this job.

I am grateful for a few friends, being able to run again, and having SSA to dive into full force as they have helped me reset my feet a little and begin the process of repair from the unforeseen extremely destructive impact.

The WMC is just far enough into the future to plan for it, but not too far away for it to be too late and not be beneficial.

Now to make the turn, and start to smile again, and enjoy it with someone but not too much and watch the tail lights disappear into the darkness again as right now, I am not equipped to handle that right now (unless I put a turbo on the Mazda)….

I am the volcano.

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