Blog’s, they keep going away

I used to actually care about writing down some thoughts and POV’s on random things or life in general. Well since I started doing that, Yahoo dropped them, MSN too, now rumors of Myspace going away. So I guess this will become my consolidated blogspot for the future. The MSN space was nice because it took Youtube videos from when we had an SSA video. Plus I could be a little more open because I know no one was reading it, and the way I had it set up was nice and easy to just spit out a few lines or observations. Sometimes they were a lot heavier then normal. I think I will temper level of detail, but will aim to keep a blog going of sorts. I sort of stopped posting on the Myspace blog a long time ago and kind of retreated to much shorter, less effort quick Facebook postings, but they are less Blog like in nature and more updates.

One thought on “Blog’s, they keep going away

  1. My myspace page is dead too now……

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