Blog’s, they keep going away

I used to actually care about writing down some thoughts and POV’s on random things or life in general. Well since I started doing that, Yahoo dropped them, MSN too, now rumors of Myspace going away. So I guess this will become my consolidated blogspot for the future. The MSN space was nice because it took Youtube videos from when we had an SSA video. Plus I could be a little more open because I know no one was reading it, and the way I had it set up was nice and easy to just spit out a few lines or observations. Sometimes they were a lot heavier then normal. I think I will temper level of detail, but will aim to keep a blog going of sorts. I sort of stopped posting on the Myspace blog a long time ago and kind of retreated to much shorter, less effort quick Facebook postings, but they are less Blog like in nature and more updates.