Weekend without Arthur

This was my first weekend with out Arthur during this mess.  I really miss him more then I thought I could.  I feel that since he knows something is wrong, he and I have gotten a little closer and have more fun together.  Since Friday was one of the first days in a while he had been good enough in school to get two signatures, when we got home we opened a toy from his present pile and played together with it.  Then when it was dinner time, we actually went up to Riverside and shared a pizza.  It was a nice night for the two of us.
Saturday, after he was picked up, I swong by my mothers house because my sister came up, and I had a little bit of time to sit down and tell her directly what is going on and the mess I am going through.  She is level headed and very responsible, so she won’t give me the stock rosey colored glasses response my mother tends to lean to.
After my mothers house, I went down to meet Adam in Annapolis, and we took his in-law’s boat out for some crabbing in the west river.  Was a great time, had some beers, caught and released about 10 crabs or so.  Then we took the boat up to a little water side resturant and ordered every crab item on the menu (after releasing bigger crabs that we just caught).  The weather was so nice and the sunset was great, I really wish little Arthur was there with me, but he is too young still to be on a boat in open water like that.
Today was mostly filled by a work out at my mothers gym, followed by the smallest lunch ever, and then off to see Inception with a little dinner at Outback right after.  During dinner, I got a call from Nationwide saying that it is all but done in terms of them totaling my Mercedes.  And oh by the way, as soon as they total it, I have to return the rental car.  So I will be with out a car.
So tomorrow will be the first of the three major shitty things to happen, first the car…. then in two weeks the job… then probably right after that the w….

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