Glaring signs

Here I am again having a beer, with the TV on in the background, at my mothers house on  a week night.  I miss Arthur so much.  Very sad saying goodbye to him for 2 days.  Either way, just living one day at a time.  Hoping the contract at work goes safely through and we are good to go for another year at least.  I will be updating my resume tomorrow, but not freaking out as I am so numb to the whole job mess now.
As for the title of the blog, not going to touch on it really, just saying that there are glaring signs and I need to act on them before it is too late.
brb going to get another beer…..
Ok, going to have to say, having a heavy duty workout followed by a healthy sub, and a beer later on at night really helps me relax and slightly get my mind off the daily challenges.  Note to self, Rolling Rock goes down really fast.
Ferdinand is doing good and is always super happy to see me when I open the door.  Strange to be 33 and walking a schnauzzer at 4808 Butler.
Really crossing my fingers that MTX has some good news for me and Mark, could change SSA forever.

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