All-Star game with a Margarita

Here I am again thinking about the things that are dominating my thoughts and existance, why trying to answer some messages and PM’s with the All-Starr game on in the background.  The other night I did poke around my old files on my mothers computer and I noticed some old journal/blog like files that I wrote in the mid 90’s.  Most of them were about how I was feeling about my relationships or a girl I was going after.  I no longer have the liberty to voice my deeper thoughts or stronger emotions via any recordable or storable media as it will be used against me or distorted and taken out of context or cause irrational emotions or reactions.  So I will just use this blog as a nice little release but will continue to keep things vague and generic as I always do.  Much easier to not talk about things that bother me, then have someone that was not intended to read it and attack with me with it.  Kind of sad that sitting on emotions or not really vocalizing them to much of anyone is safer and less damaging decision then actually expressing what I am feeling or going through.
Anyway, I miss little Arthur already and I hate not being with him everyday.  It really bothers me that being with my son full time is taken away from me.
On a positive note, I was able to complete the almost impossible at work with a deliverable that I turned in with 30 minutes to spare on Monday, and the mess with the damage of my car is going to be taken care of though insurance.
I have had a Kia Spectra as a rental car this past week and a half.  It is a trusty little car, that gets it done enough for my communting needs and plenty of space for Arthur and stuff in the back, not to mention gas is much cheaper.  Obviously not quite the highway sled that my car is, nor does it have the top end and smooth engine either.
Oh well, until the next time I am over here away from my son and my wife.

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