Life, or something like it.

It’s a Friday night, and I am chatting away on SSA chat.  The whole time, missing my son and thinking about my wife.  Doing everything I can to make the best of this.  Just trying to focus on taking it day by day and thinking about what makes me happy.  And right now, that is being around Ferdinand, listening to some great Jazz, and BS’s car audio stuffs in the SSA chat room.  I did take a few moments the other night to look through older pictures of me, about ten years ago, and I can see a major difference the look on my face.  No stress, no anxiety, just living in the now.  I would like to find that person, but I don’t think that is possible now with a career and a child that depends on me.  So the challenge is the happy medium and do it before someone else makes another decision with out me……

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