soccer win… sort of

just got back from soccer,

we won, beat a very good team
tonight. I love high speed intense games, espically when some of the
other team used to be pro. But once again the bad side of me came out
again. It usually takes 3 rough quarters of dirty play to get me going,
but tonight I was hacked 4 times in the 1st quarter. That is horrible,
even worse than the dirty and cheap hispanic teams who do not know what
the word team is like. But tonight I snapped a little and put two guys
out of the game, I feel ashamed after I do it.

mean when some one gets frustrated that you scored on them and then
they play to hurt and not play to win, I am going to put them into the
ground. In all my years only once have I been knocked out of a game,
and the OG’s here remember it when I posted some pix of the knee
overhaul. Sorry for the vent.

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