So long Sidney

Strange, but I am not all that sad about it but I will miss Alias.  It was truely the first show I cared about watching in years and I have been with it since day one.  I remember the first episode and where I was.  The five years went really fast.  Not sure about the ending, but it tied up some ends, but a few people died that did not need to and a major death plot was hatched that made no sense in the whole scheme of things.  Almost every character came back during some point of the show, be it a flash back or something.  There was a small but kinda lame attempt that there could be a continuing story at the end but nahh.  I guess the show was limited in time line anyway based on plot.  Well the end of the show is very approaite to me, she had her baby and wants to raise it instead of doing the show, and I also have a new born and I want to spend time with him instead of watching TV.

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