not enough money

There are times when I just get beyond angry and have feelings of wanting to break things.  I hate it when I get like this because it means something is really messed up and I am getting screwed in some manner.  Money is usually one of the main issues, and it bothers me because I feel like I am stuck in a position of just getting by.  The desire to get a second job is not there but it is needed, but that means even less time with my son.  Need to find additional sources of income.  I have found one, but for over 7 months now I have been held back by someone else who does not care and is making plenty of money that it is not an issue for them.  I need a break from everything for a little while, almost a vaction.  Wait what is that?  I have not taken one in a very long time, and I am not talking about a two day trip to OC, that does not count.  And nether does the upcomming drive to SWVA because that is for court since that last time I tried to go away and spend a nice time with my family and see some friends, I was nailed in a deliberate speed trap that could not be more obvious as a revenue generator.  Oh thats right I have to take a day off of work and leave my family because of it so I dont get even more screwed by car insurance rates.  DAMN IT.  There are days when I have just had enough and today is a perfect example.

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