mid may pop in

Been a few weeks, but new class has started and I have yet to recieve my book from Amazon. Little worried about that, but I have the notes so I can survive for a little while I think. I have moved offices once again, now they have all the TG’s in one room I guess. I have no privacy and only a tiny bit of drawers to use for my personal stuff. Not to mention I am just facing a wall, that is not much fun, ehh. I heard that the Quad dual core MAC’s have been ordered so I cannot wait to get mine. This past sunday was a good day. Took mom and Amandas mother out for brunch, the cost was a lot more than I had anticipated, oh well. But I was able to with only $155 landscape the entire front of the house, which looks pretty good. Going to take a few years to fill out but should be ok. Need to get this online store going ASAP so I can have a little more income. Little guy is doing good, growing very fast it seems. He did start to show signs of a smile or two. So hard to understand him without being able to talk to him. I also planted his tree on sunday with my mother.

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