soccer win… sort of

just got back from soccer,

we won, beat a very good team
tonight. I love high speed intense games, espically when some of the
other team used to be pro. But once again the bad side of me came out
again. It usually takes 3 rough quarters of dirty play to get me going,
but tonight I was hacked 4 times in the 1st quarter. That is horrible,
even worse than the dirty and cheap hispanic teams who do not know what
the word team is like. But tonight I snapped a little and put two guys
out of the game, I feel ashamed after I do it.

mean when some one gets frustrated that you scored on them and then
they play to hurt and not play to win, I am going to put them into the
ground. In all my years only once have I been knocked out of a game,
and the OG’s here remember it when I posted some pix of the knee
overhaul. Sorry for the vent.

So long Sidney

Strange, but I am not all that sad about it but I will miss Alias.  It was truely the first show I cared about watching in years and I have been with it since day one.  I remember the first episode and where I was.  The five years went really fast.  Not sure about the ending, but it tied up some ends, but a few people died that did not need to and a major death plot was hatched that made no sense in the whole scheme of things.  Almost every character came back during some point of the show, be it a flash back or something.  There was a small but kinda lame attempt that there could be a continuing story at the end but nahh.  I guess the show was limited in time line anyway based on plot.  Well the end of the show is very approaite to me, she had her baby and wants to raise it instead of doing the show, and I also have a new born and I want to spend time with him instead of watching TV.

not enough money

There are times when I just get beyond angry and have feelings of wanting to break things.  I hate it when I get like this because it means something is really messed up and I am getting screwed in some manner.  Money is usually one of the main issues, and it bothers me because I feel like I am stuck in a position of just getting by.  The desire to get a second job is not there but it is needed, but that means even less time with my son.  Need to find additional sources of income.  I have found one, but for over 7 months now I have been held back by someone else who does not care and is making plenty of money that it is not an issue for them.  I need a break from everything for a little while, almost a vaction.  Wait what is that?  I have not taken one in a very long time, and I am not talking about a two day trip to OC, that does not count.  And nether does the upcomming drive to SWVA because that is for court since that last time I tried to go away and spend a nice time with my family and see some friends, I was nailed in a deliberate speed trap that could not be more obvious as a revenue generator.  Oh thats right I have to take a day off of work and leave my family because of it so I dont get even more screwed by car insurance rates.  DAMN IT.  There are days when I have just had enough and today is a perfect example.

mid may pop in

Been a few weeks, but new class has started and I have yet to recieve my book from Amazon. Little worried about that, but I have the notes so I can survive for a little while I think. I have moved offices once again, now they have all the TG’s in one room I guess. I have no privacy and only a tiny bit of drawers to use for my personal stuff. Not to mention I am just facing a wall, that is not much fun, ehh. I heard that the Quad dual core MAC’s have been ordered so I cannot wait to get mine. This past sunday was a good day. Took mom and Amandas mother out for brunch, the cost was a lot more than I had anticipated, oh well. But I was able to with only $155 landscape the entire front of the house, which looks pretty good. Going to take a few years to fill out but should be ok. Need to get this online store going ASAP so I can have a little more income. Little guy is doing good, growing very fast it seems. He did start to show signs of a smile or two. So hard to understand him without being able to talk to him. I also planted his tree on sunday with my mother.