life for the recent

A few things,

First the sad – on the 18th, it was 18 years since my fathers death, and my parents were married 18 years, took Amanda and the baby to the cemetary at night, still strange to call someone Arthur, since I never called either my father or grandfather Arthur, so it is strange that two people who mattered so much to me, to be saying their name but they not be there….

Second the frustrating – finally got to work on detailing the car and some on the truck, no less than 1 hour after finishing the rain started again…. grrr

Third the random – everyday, I hate leaving my house in the morning more and more, because the sight of seeing Amanda and the baby fast asleep in bed next to where I was, is heart breaking to leave …

can’t wait to get home to the little guy


baby is doing better, we are starting to learn what he likes and visa versa, he is abnormally strong for his age (peditrician comment along with other doctors), but he is doing good, but not sleeping through the night yet,

Amanda is doing ok, I feel so bad for her sometimes, I wish I could stay home and help out, but I have to be here at work to pay for the house and such,

job is going well, I am learning more skills and tricks with the modeling software we use here, very tedious and exactly oppisite of AutoCAD so there is a learning curve, and it is very slow for me because I have to unlearn my AutoCAD/InterCAD/ExtraCAD habbits and tricks etc.

house is doing good, we just got a new couch, its a monster sectional that is slightly too large for the living room, but we now have 3 other couches that we have to figure out where we are going to put them in the house with no room left to spare, I admit we are not using the space in the office well with that gigantic desk, and the babys room is still well laid out but we are not going to mess with it now that we have everything set up right, blah that is my blurb for the day

Baby Boy

I am not sure where to start.  But Arthur was born and is doing very well.  Amanda and I never thought we could love him so much but we do.  He has become the center of our world in all aspects.  I respect Amanda so much for her support and care for this little person.  For the first time I have desire to make more money for a different reason other than myself.  I wish I could afford to let Amanda stay at home with Arthur for a few years.  I am worried because I know how upset she is going to be when she has to go back to work and needs to leave him behind.  Her mothering instincts are amazing.  My temper is always a little on the short side and I am working on becoming more understanding and just trying to keep him happy.  The time Amanda and I get to spend with each other is very limited, almost to the point we have oppsite schedules.  I am such a heavy sleeper and sometimes dont hear him wake up at night, but she does and at times I feel bad I did not hear him and help out.  He is a little stinker and everyday he opens his eyes a little more and screams a little less.  It is still too early to see his personality yet, but he is growing fast.  It has only been 2 weeks but it feels like much longer.  I miss them while I am at work.