So long FXN

Due to the recent news of the forum going down I blurbed this….

This is a very sad day.

I have been a member and supermod on for well over 4 years. I was one of the first regular members there, Soko and Jesse brought me over to run the Stereo and Performance sections. It was probably in its peak about 18 months ago. Then traffic started to die off and divert to other boards, I am not going to be able to put my finger on the exact reason, but I know all the childish bickering and crap really hurt the board. It is sad that it happened, Jesse put up money to run the board for a long time. Aubrey, Brian, and most recently Andy (dingo) did loads of work to keep the unseen poortion of the board running smoothly. We had a good mod team on there, up until recently we had the same core group keeping it together. FXN was the father to a few off shoot boards, of which I am not sure the current state of them.

But anyway some 7k posts and four years later I am saddened by the loss. Even though SSA is my home and where I Admin, and dingo brought me over to here, FXN always had a little soft spot in my heart. Just a bunch of great people (until the noobx crap) learning and living with this beast of burden that lay in their driveways. I miss dozures sweet project log on slamming the crap out of his 2 door. Chris’ wild off road pix. Jawws insane lift on his 1st gen that seemed to grow every year, and his outdoor photography. And the super charger projects, along with the wild fiberglass monsters, and body dropped 4 doors, etc.

I forget all the usernames, but I remember all the trucks and the people. Over the years, it was where I could break down (no pun intended) and bitch about what was wrong with the Explorer or Mountaineer that week, and there was someone else who has dealt with something similar that could help out (except the transmissions(s)). From snapped brake pads, to U joints laying in the middle of an intersection, I had a little home to vent my frustrations and fun with this PITA, that I still drive daily, but it has since been replaced by something else as my prize possession. Heck I even have limited edition FXN panties for Amanda, and no I will not post a picture.

Anyway, I really hope Dingo can succed in merging the entire database, and if needed I will help out on emailing the old FXN members to bring them over here. RF is a great place, and I hope it lives longer than FXN did. But I hope we have learned from FXN and can grow larger and have greater traffic. Jesse really did achieve what he wanted out of FXN, a family feel forum that sorta had to do with a loveable truck of sorts. In the end, Jesse needed more help and support. If Brian, Aubrey, and I were around more, we could have saved the board, even though Andy did a great job at keeping FXN going, it almost seemed like it was too late in Jesse’s eyes, I think he lost the motivation to keep it going.

Viva la FXN!!!

Oh well so long, I hope we can get all of the valued core members over here so we can all keep in contact. Dingo if you need help in anyway I can lend a hand until baby arrives.

…… now I have to go to all the sites I am apart of and pull the dead link and find a new email for all the FXN emails..

So long FXN.

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